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Africa Country Benchmark Report 2017

In On Africa (IOA) is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the second edition of the Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) – the most comprehensive assessment of African country performance ever conducted, scheduled to be released on 31 July 2017.

ACBR assesses the performance of all 54 African countries in an 800-page infographic-driven report. It is a key resource for any business, government, organisation or institution that will find value in country-specific and comparative assessments of all 54 African countries. The report scores, ranks and insightfully assesses each country holistically, as well as across business, economic, political and social factors.

The result is a clear view of African country performance through a comparative assessment, revealing the true country benchmarks of the continent and the institutions playing a role in its success.

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The 2017 edition of ACBR has involved the re-engineering and expansion of our assessment model, drawing on a much wider array of data sources that have been thoroughly analysed by a team of IOA analysts.


IOA is offering highly competitive rates for advertisers in a specific ACBR country profile, a selected regional assessment or from a continental perspective. We are also offering a 15% discount on pre-orders of the ACBR.

For more details on ACBR, pre-order details and advertising opportunities, please view the media pack and report sample below.


Africa Country Benchmark Report 2016

In preparation for the launch of the 2017 edition, we encourage our readers to download the report from 2016. It is freely available, and much of the information remains relevant and useful, especially in tracking the temporal changes over the past year.

The 2017 edition significantly expands on the work done by the IOA team last year.

Mauritius secured the top spot in 2016, but with ACBR new evaluation methodology, much can change.

Select the country of your choice in last year’s top 10 to view and download their performance profile. Top ten performances:

#1 Mauritius #6 Tunisia
#2 Botswana #7 South Africa
#3 Namibia #8 Ghana
#4 Cape Verde #9 Zambia
#5 Seychelles #10 Morocco