IOA’s Publishing Division houses the firm’s publications, spearheaded by the Africa Conflict Monitor (ACM), which is released monthly and analyses conflict-related developments and trends across the African continent.

IOA also publishes once-off and annual reports on a wide range of topics, such as the firm’s Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) that is released at the start of each year. In addition, IOA releases occasional thought-leadership papers to better inform its readers on key developments across the continent.

The Future of African Food Security

Seeking solutions to nourish nations in the face of climatic and developmental uncertainty

IOA’s report, The Future of African Food Security, explores the current state of food security in light of the severe drought conditions and what impacts will result from these and the rise in global temperatures. Measures to improve food security are presented and discussed, including campaigns and programmes spearheaded by international organisations, reducing food waste and food loss, and the role sustainable farming practices can play in alleviating poverty and ensuring food security.

IOA consultants with expertise in food security and sustainability provide their input on these matters. What results from discussion throughout the report is a conclusion that a multi-pronged approach is needed to address issues of food security. Included in the requirements is land reform, balancing agriculture for export with agricultural production needed to feed local populations, and low-cost technologies to make farming viable at the family and community level.

Against a backdrop of climate change, African agriculture can be reformed to finally meet the nutritional needs of all African people, creating an optimistic future for the African continent.

Sustainability & Redefining African Development

Meeting targets or creating change?

IOA was privileged to participate in the 2016 Sustainability Summit at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) – a two-day event founded and organised by Blank Canvas International. The Sustainability Summit is a platform for trusted collaboration between business leaders and building of relationships towards more sustainable, agile business for Africa.

IOA and Blank Canvas International collaborated to develop the Sustainability & Redefining African Development report. The report assesses Africa’s efforts and progress toward ‘sustainable development’ and argues that what is needed is real, transformative change to unlock the incredible potential within Africa’s diverse communities, businesses, economies and cultures.

Africa Conflict Monitor

Africa’s conflicts interpreted to keep you informed and empowered in making strategic decisions (ISSN: 2311-6943)

IOA’s Africa Conflict Monitor (ACM), is the essential tool for anyone with stakes in security and political stability across the African continent.

Subscribers benefit from expert insight and commentary on African conflict and conflict resolution, augmented with updates on key recent developments, regional overviews, infographics and prognoses. Contact us for subscription information or subscribe via

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IOA Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR)

A holistic assessment of African nations across business, economic, political and social spheres

IOA’s Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) assesses African country performance from a holistic perspective, with the primary objective of providing readers with an all-encompassing picture that provides the most accurate profile of every country on the African continent.

With this objective in mind, the ACBR draws on various reputable indices spanning a complementary array of focus areas – business, economic, political and social, as well as insights from more than 40 IOA experts across the African continent. The result is a clear view of African country performance through a comparative assessment, revealing the true country benchmarks of the continent.

Position Papers

ACM Oct Cartoon

IOA Position Papers illustrate our thought leadership on Africa-related matters in business and politics, as well as economic, security and social issues.