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In On Africa (IOA) understands the need for clients to conduct expert and thorough due diligence when entering new markets and doing business in Africa. We provide clients with risk and compliance checks and conduct investigations, audits, and background checks to help guide their decision-making relating to potential partners, distributors, clients and suppliers.

Our team of experts are ideally positioned to provide our clients with accurate and reliable insights on the attractiveness and the appeal and prospects of a future investment, acquisition or partner. We are able to advise our clients on whether a prospect is legally sound and financially secure, as well as outline any potential risks or concerns that should be considered.

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Due Diligence Investigation Case Study

IOA has provided various clients with contact-specific due diligence services, ranging from research on potential partners and distributors through to assessing the legitimacy of future suppliers and clients. This has included conducting site-visits, interviews with current and past clients and implementing necessary legal and financial background checks. Due to the sensitive nature of these investigations, IOA cannot provide any specific examples of such projects.

Key project outcome:

Our clients use the results of due diligence investigations to make fully informed decisions relating to new business connections in Africa

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