Election Monitoring



In On Africa (IOA) has led various election monitoring research studies as part of our broad portfolio of geopolitical and social research offerings. Our team of expert analysts and researchers have monitored pre- and post-election developments during election periods across the African continent, while also providing guidance on potential and forthcoming policy changes, anticipated political shifts and other influencing factors that could impact our clients’ activities on the continent.

Our election monitoring has included ongoing monitoring on social and traditional media, citizen sentiment surveys, interviews with local political risk analysts and conversations with political leaders in order to provide our clients with deep, valuable insights regarding the current and projected political landscapes.


Election Monitoring Case Study

IOA conducted an in-depth six-month long assessment of Botswana’s socio-political landscape in the lead up to the country’s 2019 general election, guiding a corporate client in the country who required intelligence to inform its business planning for the coming years. The research spanned a wide range of primary and secondary methodologies, including ongoing monitoring of election-related conversations and sentiment on social media, analysis of traditional media reporting and key influencing voices and interviews with citizens and key informants.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the data and insights from the research to guide their decision-making in Botswana during and following the election

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