Landscape Assessment



In On Africa (IOA) often works closely with clients in their preparations and assessments ahead of new potential market expansion. IOA provides detailed market landscape assessments to ensure that our clients have a full understanding of the business, economic, political and social environments of target markets. These assessments assist our clients in their efforts to remain ahead of the curve in highly competitive and underdeveloped markets.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced analysts assess various key trends, opportunities, threats, policies and regulations, as well as relevant industry-specific developments, required by our clients for successful market consideration, entry and operation in Africa.


Landscape Assessment Case Study

IOA conducted a multi-country health landscape analysis to an international NGO to guide their five-year strategic planning process. The research thoroughly assessed the health sectors of Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. The assessment covered a wide range of topics through an exhaustive desktop research study and various in-depth interviews with key informants in each country, such as government leaders, industry experts and potential partners. This research provided the client with a detailed understanding of the health sector landscapes in each market and how their organisation may be able to support healthcare efforts.

Key project outcome:

The research guided the organisation in developing its five-year strategy and expansion in Africa

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