Market Trend Analysis



In On Africa (IOA) regularly emphasises to our clients that every market in Africa is incredibly unique, and consumer needs and market trends are continuously changing. Conducting a sound assessment of market trends allows our clients to be prepared for new and evolving risks and opportunities, ensuring that their business strategies are data-driven.

Our team implements market trend analyses using primary and secondary data drawn from industry reports and databases, government statistics, consumer surveys and key informant interviews. These analyses cover trends relating to market growth, market size and market potential, as well as other influencing factors like industry disruption, cost drivers, technology, policy and the economy.


Market Trend Analysis Case Study

IOA conducted primary and secondary research for a large telecommunications client to equip them with a deep understanding of their key customer segments. The research aimed to make clear who these segments are, what they like and what they do and think in order for the client to grow and increase user-share based on this understanding. The project covered a wide range of key data points and insights to guide the client’s decision-making, such as consumer market sizing, technology product trends, key competitors in the market, consumer spending on telecommunications products and financial inclusion rates like growing usage of internet banking and industry drivers and challenges.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the market-sizing data and related insights to inform their strategy to grow their market share

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