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In On Africa (IOA) understands that the media space in Africa is ever-evolving, especially in relation to factors such as technological innovation, regulatory oversight and financial accessibility. The growth of social media has further layered the influence of the media industry, while large-scale accessibility through technological innovation means that previously isolated communities can now access information as easily as those in suburban centres.

Our team of skilled media analysts conduct monitoring research and analysis by assessing traditional, digital and social media platforms. These efforts are supported by digital platforms at our disposal to track and interrogate media trends and insights to guide our clients in their decision-making.


Media Monitoring Case Study

IOA conducted ongoing media monitoring research for a client in the insurance industry to inform the client on trends relating to industry disruption and competitors, as well as consumer needs and perspectives. This research included in-depth assessments of industry developments, social media trends and competitor advertising and offerings. The competitor monitoring assessed marketing campaigns across all digital and traditional media, as well as new partnerships and sponsorships, awards, innovations, costing and offerings. The research utilised platform-based and manual media monitoring strategies in order to provide the client with a full picture of relevant trends and developments in the industry.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the findings from the research to inform their understanding of industry disruption and competitor innovation in order to inform future marketing and product offerings

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