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In On Africa (IOA) understands that regular intelligence and monitoring is a key requirement for most executives, organisation leaders and even middle managers. We provide clients with a direct line of sight to changing markets, industry and competitor trends dynamics.

Our team of researchers and analysts are well-accustomed to design solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We regularly update our data management systems and research strategies to reflect the broader developments taking place throughout Africa.

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Ongoing Intelligence Case Study

IOA has provided ongoing monthly and quarterly intelligence reports to one of the largest law firms on the African continent for the past several years. These reports and briefings aim to inform the client and their clients on key trends, developments and opportunities in Africa across multiple sectors. This has ranged from in-depth topic-specific assessments to guide the client’s decision-making in Africa through to regular updates and overviews of pertinent happenings that may have an impact on the markets where they are present and within industries where they operate.

Key project outcome:

Our client uses this ongoing intelligence to help inform their operations and strategies in Africa, as well as to help guide their clients on key risks and opportunities as they develop

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