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In On Africa (IOA) often works with clients to conduct social research on a number of social issues. We have worked with governments, private sector players and NGOs. We have vast experience in social research that ranges from education, entrepreneurship and unemployment through to gender issues, healthcare and xenophobia.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced analysts work with clients to gauge attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of Africa’s diverse populations. We have built a strong reputational foundation of professionalism when looking at sensitive development topics.

IOA-Service-Social research

Social Research Case Study

IOA was contracted to conduct a continent-wide impact assessment of youth exchange programmes in Africa, aiming to inform the design and quality of future youth exchange programmes, as well as the policy dialogue related to skills-promoting exchanges in Africa. This research involved more than 60 in-depth qualitative interviews, three online surveys and an exhaustive desktop research study. IOA subsequently worked with the GIZ and African Union (AU) on a publication summarising the results of the research. This publication was publicly released by IOA and the AU in June 2018.

Key project outcome:

The results of the impact assessment have been used to help guide planning of youth exchange programmes in Africa

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