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IOA is constantly on the lookout for new consultants, researchers, analysts, editors and African enthusiasts to join our team.

Apply to join our consultant community if you are any/all of the following:

  • based anywhere in Africa and/or African
  • an exceptional young researcher with post-graduate qualifications and publications focused on Africa
  • an expert with vast experience in an Africa-focused field
  • a published author on an Africa-related topic

How to apply: Send your CV and a brief motivation letter to


Research Assistants

In keeping with our long-standing commitment to the development of the African continent, our Research Assistant (RA) programme is always considering new applications. More than 200 students from across the world have participated in our internship programme since 2008.

Focus: Africa-focused research, writing and analysis, e.g. brief reports, newsletters, papers, interviews, transcriptions, desktop research, writing and analysis, depending on skills and interest.

Period: Commit for three months.

Apply to join the IOA research assistant programme if you:

  • possess strong writing and research skills
  • have an interest in and a passion for Africa
  • are motivated to acquire relevant experience and 
  • are diligent and reliable
  • have a minimum of a graduate degree

To apply, send the following to

  • your CV
  • a motivation letter
  • two examples of previously written work
  • your most recent academic record