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We guide decision-making with strategic consulting and intelligence
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In the fast paced and uncertain business world of today, can you or your organisation afford not to partner with the market leader when it comes to understanding and interpreting data and trends in Africa? Since 2007, IOA has been making sense of market and industry data for our clients.

Using cutting edge data analytics and research methodologies, we interrogate and transform data into actionable insights and strategies for our clients.

We specialise in research design and analytics
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No matter your industry, sector or market, there is always a need to know and understand more. Consistently providing our clients with cutting-edge research and data analytics, IOA has grown to become one of Africa’s market intelligence leaders. From conducting qualitative and quantitative primary research in data-scarce African countries through to supporting brand tracking and competitor intelligence.

There simply is no other research firm that provides the breadth of research services and depth of analytical insight as IOA.

We digitally connect our clients to their customers
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IOA is at the forefront of digital consumer research (B2C and B2B) - a service that has become increasingly important in the age of Covid-19 and the 4IR. Through IOA’s vast experience in digital research and our access to various integrated consumer panels across Africa, we can provide you or your organisation with the data and insights necessary to understand your consumer.

Tap into our extended, profiled consumer panel and other digital research offerings to give you the edge on your competition.

We prioritise the quality of our research reports
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Clear, insight-driven and reader-friendly reports are what should be driving your organisation’ decision-making processes. With more than 13 years of experience in transforming research and analysis into world class reports, we understand more than any other research firm how to make sense of the data for you. IOA’s publications illuminate trends and provide expert prognoses to inform decision-making.

Can you really afford to continue into the future without proper support? Why not let IOA connect you with Africa’s rich potential?

We believe that Africa's success depends on its youth
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Understanding the views and attitudes of young people is critical to the success of many businesses and organisations, and also central to realisation of Africa’s massive potential. IOA’s ‘Voices Unite’ platform is a youth panel like no other. It bring together thousands of youth aged 18-34 to share their views on important topics.

Through Voices Unite and IOA’s various other experience in youth-related research, we are ideally positioned to connect you with Africa’s future – our youth.

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What sets us apart

IOA is driven by the insatiable need to understand the data manifesting in Africa, and to translate that data into actionable insights that guide decision-making. Competitors in our field simply look to gather and report on data for their clients, while IOA strives to dissect and understand the data, and guide our clients in their strategies in Africa. We strive to be the foremost research and intelligence firm by diligently contributing to the arduous task of connecting Africa’s potential.