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Strategic Consulting and Intelligence
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IOA’s Consulting Division provides clients with tailored Africa-focused research intelligence solutions on a broad array of African topics, industries, sectors and markets.

Connecting brands with consumers online
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Improve your products, services and marketing through our integrated consumer panels, giving you access to people that matter — current customers, past customers, prospects, employees.
Tap into our extended profile panel and connect with your consumers.

Research Design and Analytics
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We provides an end-to-end solution for all your research needs. From driving primary research to supporting brand tracking and creative testing. Reduce time to market and confidently deliver actionable insights.

Report Development and Publishing
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IOA prides itself on its reporting, always prioritising clear, insight-driven and reader-friendly
deliverables for our clients. With more than 13 years of experience in report development and design,
IOA has built up its own in-house report and publication design capacity.

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Innovative youth-focused digital platform launches with the aim of unifying thousands of young people across South Africa

IOA’s ‘Voices Unite’ platform, which launched on the 10th of February, will bring together tens of thousands of youth aged 18-34 through a large-scale national research study focusing on a wide range of pertinent topics. These topics include the state of education, youth unemployment, the future of work, media and technology, infrastructure, healthcare and many others.

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The impact of microfinance on smallholder farming households in Africa: Evidence from Zambia

The impact of microfinance on smallholder farming households in Africa: Evidence from Zambia

By Alana Stewart

Analysis in brief: The main objective of this paper is to investigate whether increasing access to microfinance institutions can help smallholder farmers in Africa achieve certain key development priorities. Based on a Zambian case study, the results of this analysis found that increasing access to microcredit helps foster improvements in both income and financial stability among smallholder farming households in Africa. However, the results show no evidence that increased access to microfinance helps to generate livelihood improvements. As such, this paper suggests that microfinance services in Africa could be much more effective in improving livelihoods if they started introducing more flexible programmes that are better suited to local needs.

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Botswana 2019 Election Review

Botswana 2019 Election Review

An assessment of Botswana’s socio-political landscape

Long considered a beacon of democracy and good governance, Botswana’s 2019 General Election was the first true test of the democratic experiment running since 1966. Known primarily for its diamond mining industry and as a safe haven for African elephants, Botswana made headlines when the lifting of its elephant hunting ban in early 2019 saw the sons of the country’s founding father leave the party that he had formed. What transpired subsequently has been a cunning battle of politics and extravagant campaigns, culminating in the most tightly contested elections in the history of the country.

IOA’s latest special report contextualises Botswana’s socio-political landscape in the lead up to the 2019 General Election, and looks to analyse the events preceding the election and their impact on the final election outcome. A further value-add which the report provides is the codification of common socio-political practices and general knowledge that is widely known by most Batswana, yet tends to lack in the broader literature. The main aim of this report is to equip the reader with the necessary knowledge to better-understand the country’s political and social dynamics, and their subsequent impact on the outcome of the 2019 election.

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