The ALofT Project

African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALofT)

In line with its passion for Africa’s development through an emphasis on the continent’s youth, In On Africa (IOA) has created the African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALofT) Project, in collaboration with Henley Business School Africa.

The ALofT Project is a competitive, online-based youth development programme designed to cultivate future thought leaders by empowering African youths with a wide range of relevant knowledge, experience and skills.


Download the “Call for Applications” here.

Project Objectives
The ALofT Project is designed to accelerate and enhance the development of exceptional young Africans who display the potential to become thought leaders in Africa’s business, economic, political and social development.

The Project will offer promising postgraduate students an opportunity to interact with colleagues from across Africa, forming professional and social connections that will further benefit their own professional development and the future of Africa.

The development of a report for publication will afford these students the opportunity to put the skills they acquire into practice. It will also serve as an effective channel through which Africa’s future thought leaders can communicate their views on what they see as Africa’s core developmental challenges and what needs to be done to address them!

Project Structure
The ALofT Project is a six-month programme, open to African citizens currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree at an African college or university. The Project is structured around a web-based curriculum, delivered via an e-learning platform, offering full-time students from across Africa an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the programme.

The programme curriculum is structured around four modules:

Module 1: Inform

will serve as a preliminary introduction to information gathering and assessment.

Module 2: Analyse

will equip ALofT scholars with vital analytical skills as they learn to work through research.

Module 3: Synthesise

adds a focus on the creation of unique and sound arguments.

Module 4: Report

will equip ALofT scholars with the skills necessary to create an effective thought leadership product.

Students who successfully complete The ALofT Project will gain excellent exposure and experience through the release of the project publication, and will also receive an official certificate of completion and a reference letter from IOA’s CEO.


Download the “Call for Applications” here.