In On Africa

In On Africa (IOA) is a leading research, intelligence, and advisory firm that specialises in providing comprehensive market research and business intelligence services in Africa, focused on Africa. We cover all 54 African countries and offer our clients a wide range of services to guide their decision-making on the continent.

Our motto is Connecting Africa’s Potential, reflecting our mission to guide and inform data-driven decision-making in order to positively contribute to the growth of the African continent.

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IOA offers our clients a wide range of tailored market research and business intelligence solutions that are designed specifically for the complex African market. Our consulting services cover a broad array of industries and sectors, across all 54 African countries.


IOA regularly publishes a variety of position papers and special reports that are developed with the aim of illuminating key trends and providing our readers with expert prognoses that can help inform their decision-making at all levels across the African continent.


IOA boasts a large and diverse client base that includes major international corporations, institutions and organisations, media houses, embassies, governments, as well as smaller entities, non-governmental organisations, non-profits and individuals.

What Makes Us Unique in Business Intelligence and Market Research?

IOA is the only comprehensively African-focused, Africa-based business intelligence and market research agency on the continent, spanning all industries, sectors and markets across the continent.

Our desire to see Africa grow and prosper is what unites us.


Our Philosophy

Our goal at IOA is to ensure data-driven decision-making through top quality research in order to contribute positively to the growth of the African continent. We provide our clients with deep insights and practical recommendations derived from primary and secondary data to enable them to make full-informed decisions in Africa.

What binds us is our collective vision for Africa’s advancement.


Our African Footprint

We are a proudly African-based, Africa-focused firm with headquarters in South Africa a consultancy network that spans more than 30 African countries. Over the past +15 years, we have conducted research and business intelligence in all of Africa’s 54 markets, including a broad array of research methodologies.

Our team shares a deep passion for the African continent.


Our Industry Coverage

With nearly two decades of experience in conducting market research and business intelligence across Africa, our industry knowledge is vast, spanning all key aspects of African markets, ranging from agriculture, education, healthcare and politics through to financial services, telecommunications, transportation and security.

We work closely with our clients to grow all facets of African economies.