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In On Africa (IOA) has conducted in-depth risk assessments for clients across diverse markets and industries. We know that entering any new market inherently poses a set of risks for our clients. So, being informed on how African economies operate is important for successful market entries.

Our team of experts conduct deep-dive assessments within target industries of interest to guide executive decision-making. We also provide clients with guided strategies to reduce the impact of these inherent risks to their business operations using sound and reliable research.

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Risk Assessment Case Study

IOA was commissioned by a multinational financial services firm to execute research that aimed to provide a comprehensive risk assessment of international terrorism and the possible impact of terrorism on South Africa’s financial services sector in the medium- to long-term. The assessment had a strong focus on the current and potential future terrorist threats to South Africa, factors surrounding radicalisation and de-radicalisation in the country, as well as current and future political and social risk factors. Secondary areas of investigation included knock-on effects of political instability, economic volatility, social unrest in the region and recent trends in cybercrime.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the results of the assessment to inform their risk mitigation strategies in South Africa

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