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In On Africa (IOA) has led a number of opportunity assessments that have guided clients on strategy developments across various industries and markets, identifying the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. We accurately identify opportunities for growth in specific markets and business areas, and we create actionable strategies for growth and scalability. IOA unpacks ‘what’ the opportunities are across African markets and ‘how’ these can be tapped into.

Our team of expert analysts, consultants and researchers are ideally positioned to determine whether there are viable opportunities across markets for our clients to take advantage of, whether there is scope for new products and services to introduce and how to refine business strategies to strengthen market positions.

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Opportunity Assessment Case Study

IOA implemented comprehensive opportunity assessments for a large international development bank, focusing on infrastructure development opportunities in six African countries. These assessments centred around four specific sectors of interest: energy, transportation, water and telecommunications. The research involved more than 60 in-depth interviews, coupled with exhaustive desktop research, to inform detailed research reports of approximately 100 pages for each country. These reports included detailed analyses of policy landscapes, legal and regulatory frameworks, market and sector-specific risks and challenges, microeconomic trends and projections, competitor intelligence and partnership identification.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the research findings to help inform their African business and investment strategies

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