Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence Investigations

In On Africa (IOA) helps clients to assess the financial health, stability, reputation and legitimacy of potential partners, clients and service providers in Africa.

What are due diligence investigations?

Due diligence investigations involve the comprehensive examination and analysis of companies, individuals or assets to assess their integrity and credibility and the potential risks. It encompasses:

  • Background checks and verification: Conducting thorough due diligence checks and verifying the credentials, financial records and legal standing of entities or individuals.
  • Risk assessment and compliance analysis: Identifying potential risks, regulatory compliance issues and legal liabilities associated with a business transaction or investment opportunity.
  • Reputation and integrity assessment: Investigating the reputation, track record and integrity of key stakeholders, including executives, partners and counterparties.
  • Document review and analysis: Examining relevant documents, contracts and agreements to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Some of the main benefits of due diligence investigations are:

Gain risk and liability mitigation knowledge

Identify potential red flags and areas of concern through due diligence investigations

Inform strategic decision making and negotiation strategies

Enhance and safeguard business reputation and integrity

Optimise transparency and trust in business dealings

Key questions that are answered by due diligence investigations

Due diligence investigations aim to answer several key questions to provide insights and mitigate risks:

  • What is the financial health and stability of the target company or individual?
  • Are there any regulatory compliance issues or legal liabilities associated with the transaction?
  • What is the reputation and integrity of key stakeholders involved in the transaction?
  • Are there any undisclosed risks or potential red flags that may impact the transaction or investment?
  • How can we mitigate risks and maximise opportunities to achieve our objectives?

In On Africa’s due diligence services

In On Africa (IOA) works closely with our clients to determine whether their potential partners, clients and service providers are legitimate, reputable and financially stable. We aim to help clients minimise risk and maximise efficiency in their efforts to expand their footprint and client base on the continent.

Our due diligence researchers provide clients with quality risk and compliance checks and investigation services using data drawn directly from relevant authorities, tapping into a broad network of key informants and two decades of experience working across African markets.

IOA has provided various clients with contact-specific due diligence services, ranging from research on potential partners and distributors through to assessing the legitimacy of future suppliers and clients. This has included conducting site visits, interviews with current and past clients and implementing necessary legal and financial background checks.

Due diligence project case study:

Law firm due diligence investigations in Kenya


South African law firm




Online research and assessment of a select number of firms in consideration of possible partnerships

IOA was contracted to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation for a South African law firm looking to expand their operations in Kenya through a partner firm on the ground. In total, four firms were assessed, which were selected off the back of a market assessment done by IOA in the same market in the year prior.

The investigation involved an assessment of each firm in terms of history, practice areas, industry focus and the key clients of these potential partners. The various senior and junior staff at the firms were also assessed, focusing on identifying risks they may each carry in a potential partnership and/or mergers – biographies and profiles were built for all firms and key stakeholders.

Notable law cases which each firm and their partners have been involved were unpacked as part of the due diligence process to help offer a clear comparative view of the four firms and to guide our client in their decisions potential partnerships.

Key project outcome:

IOA provided our client with a detailed report, encompassing the results of the due diligence investigation process, together with recommendations based on the comparisons that had been conducted. This assessment guided our client in their expansion plans in the Kenyan market.

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