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In On Africa (IOA) helps clients identify suitable partnerships premised on the clients’ existing partnerships, position in specific markets and industries and their reputation. We help clients create a footprint in Africa with targeted research and analysis.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants across more than 30 African markets support clients in two key areas: in benchmarking their market position relative to their competitors; and in developing connections to expand their market presence and opportunities. Online vetting, in-field visitations and financial reporting are some of the due diligence strategies we use to assist clients in identifying the best partners for them in Africa.

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Partnership Identification Case Study

IOA provided partnership identification and opportunity assessment research services to a multinational health technologies company interested in expanding their operations and offerings in Nigeria. The assessment detailed the country’s health sector and other relevant topics to guide the client’s strategies in the market, including partner and distributor identification, competitor assessments and in-depth regulatory research. The research demonstrated clear opportunities for the client in Nigeria and provided a comprehensive breakdown of potential partnerships to be considered, including detailed company profiles, due diligence and contact information.

Key project outcome:

Our client utilised the results of the research to inform their market expansion strategy in Nigeria

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