Frequently Asked Questions IOA



1. Who is In On Africa? 

IOA is one of the top market research and consulting firms in and focused on Africa, with headquarters in South Africa and on-the-ground presence in over 30 African countries. Our mission is to guide and inform data-driven decision making with world class research and data analytics to accelerate development in Africa. The relationship between quality research, good decision making, and development is what our principle of ‘Connecting Africa’s Potential’ is all about.

2. When was In On Africa founded?

IOA was established in South Africa in 2007, originally called “Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI)”. The company was rebranded to “In On Africa (IOA)” in 2015 with the aim of emphasising the firm’s expansive presence in, and sole focus on Africa.

3. What does In On Africa do? 

IOA provides a wide range of market and consumer research services (business-to-business and business-to-consumer research), as well as various business intelligence and advisory services across the African continent, spanning most industries and sectors. These industries and sectors mainly include agriculture, banking and finance, construction and infrastructure, consumer goods and retail, education, energy, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, mining and minerals, oil and gas, real estate and transportation and logistics.

4. What are In On Africa’s core competencies? 

IOA’s four core competencies are key to us fast becoming Africa’s leading research and advisory firm, specialising in guiding our clients’ decision making on the continent. These are: 
▪︎ Primary and secondary research
▪︎ Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
▪︎ Data, insight, and strategy synthesis
▪︎ Report development, dashboards, and workshops

5. What research methods does In On Africa use? 

IOA implements qualitative and quantitative research and data analytics to guide decision-making. Most of our projects entail mix-method research approaches, usually including a combination of secondary research (e.g. media analysis, social listening and literature reviews) and primary research (e.g. web surveys, consumer panels, in-depth qualitative interviews and focus groups).

6. What is In On Africa’s approach to data visualisation and reporting?

IOA takes pride in our reporting, always prioritising clear, insight-driven, and reader-friendly deliverables for our clients, with a strong emphasis on data visualisation and actionable strategic recommendations. With more than 15 years of experience in report development and design, IOA has also built up our own in-house report and publication design team.

7. What emerging technologies is In On Africa leveraging?

IOA is forward-looking, and innovation-driven, with an increasingly digital research focus, always growing our access to a wide array of digital panels and media monitoring platforms. The firm is also leveraging artificial intelligence to transform market research and data analysis more greatly in Africa.

8. What are some examples of the projects that In On Africa has undertaken? 

IOA has delivered on more than 100 research and consulting projects over the past 15 years, for clients in the private and public sectors, across a wide range of industries, spanning most of the African continent. We provide various examples of our past projects in our Portfolio, ranging from multi-country landscape assessments, risk assessments and due diligence investigations, through to consumer research, market-sizing studies and competitor intelligence. 

9. Who does In On Africa collaborate with?

IOA is a member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA), and we also partner with a diverse range of companies and organisations both in order to add value to our clients as well as to assist our partners with research and advisory services that they sub-contract to IOA.

10. Why choose In On Africa?

IOA specialises in guiding data-driven decision making and converting research data into high quality insights and strategic recommendations. Through this insight-based approach, the firm is positioned as one of the leading research advisory and intelligence firms on the African continent.