Geopolitical Research



In On Africa (IOA) works closely with our clients to unpack complex geopolitical developments and emerging trends across Africa’s five regions. We guide clients through current and potential impacts of evolving political landscapes and international relations. We help companies and organisations across the continent who need to understand and navigate these changes in order to be successful.

Our team of expert analysts are ideally positioned to help our clients understand the nuances of how states influence one another in terms of policy, trade and political alliances. We also regularly identify and assess key geopolitical risks that influence our clients’ operations across African borders.


Geopolitical Research Case Study

IOA produced a series of six geopolitical research reports for a foreign government client that focused on China’s growing presence and influence across Africa. This series of reports covered topics like key China-Africa government partnerships (homing in on trade deals in countries, such as Angola, Sudan, South Africa and Tanzania) and how African governments are responding to China’s foreign policy agenda for the continent. The research also investigated the true motives and drivers for China’s broadening role in providing financial aid to the continent.

Key project outcome:

Our client used this series of reports to guide their understanding of China’s role and future intentions in Africa

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