Competitor Intelligence



In On Africa (IOA) prides itself on ethical data collection and analysis of competitor information to inform strategic decision-making for our clients in their current and future markets. Driven by a team of highly skilled research professionals, we conduct primary and secondary research to interrogate and visualise the competitor landscape for clients in assisting them to fully understand their competitors’ positioning, growth strategies, existing challenges and various innovations in a particular market or industry.

Our competitor intelligence ranges from once-off in-depth industry and market assessments, which aim to provide our clients with a clear view of the competitor landscape in current or potential markets, through to ongoing competitor monitoring and benchmarking, such as social media analysis, mystery shopping, key informant interviews and consumer research.


Competitor Intelligence Case Study

IOA implemented highly sensitive competitor and market research in Ethiopia and Nigeria for an international telecommunications client. This included assessing more than 650 research documents, such as competitor websites and reports, news articles, and industry reports, among others, and conducting a total of 54 in-depth interviews with relevant key informants. These interviews were with government leaders, senior officials in public agencies and leaders and senior management of top telecommunications companies in both countries.

Key project outcome:

Our client used the data and insights from the research to guide their African market strategy

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