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In On Africa (IOA) focuses on informing strategies and solutions for our clients that will effectively achieve confident decision-making, market feasibility, customer retention, new customer acquisition and a steadfast advantage over competitors.

Our consumer research team has the expertise, experience and dedication to assist our clients’ businesses to understand consumer psychology and behaviour by utilising our ever-evolving research techniques. Past consumer research projects have comprised of highly targeted consumer assessments, such as through in-person and online focus groups and in-depth interviews, as well as large-scale consumer surveys.


Consumer Research Case Study

IOA has led consumer research for one of the top banks in South Africa in 2020, 2021 and 2022 involving nation-wide surveys. These surveys were online, telephonic and face-to-face with more than 5,000 South Africans per year, nationally representative across province, income category, age group, race and gender. These consumer samples were distributed across 12 segments, ranging from respondents aged 12 years up to +65 years. The research covers topics like financial services behaviour, consumer spending behaviour and psychographics, such as aspirations, social causes and lifestyle habits.

Key project outcome:

Our client uses the data and insights from the research on an ongoing basis to guide their product and marketing strategies

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