Media Monitoring and Social Listening

Media Monitoring and Social Listening

In On Africa (IOA) support clients in their efforts to track and understand online customer sentiment, competitor marketing strategies and industry trends.

What is media monitoring and social listening research?

Media monitoring and social listening involve comprehensive tracking of traditional and digital media channels to monitor brand mentions, public sentiment, and industry trends. It enables organisations to stay informed, manage reputation, and make data-driven decisions in real-time. It encompasses:

  • Brand monitoring: Tracking brand mentions across various media channels to assess sentiment, reputation, and engagement opportunities.
  • Competitor analysis: Monitoring competitor activities and mentions to benchmark performance and identify market opportunities.
  • Trend analysis: Analysing media and social media conversations to identify emerging trends and consumer behaviour shifts.
  • Social listening: Monitoring social media platforms to understand public sentiment, engage with audiences, and manage brand reputation effectively.

Some of the main benefits of media monitoring and social listening research are:

Gain real-time insights into media coverage and social media discussions

Identify emerging trends and public sentiment about your brand

Manage your brand reputation proactively and respond to potential crises

Understand your position relative to competitors

Refine your marketing and communication strategies based on actionable insights

Key questions that are answered by media monitoring and social listening research

Media monitoring and social listening research aims to answer several key questions to guide strategic decision making:

  • What are people saying about your brand, products, or services?
  • How do your competitors’ marketing strategies compare to yours?
  • What emerging trends or topics are gaining traction in your industry?
  • Are there any potential issues or crises brewing that you need to address?
  • How can you better understand and engage with your target audience on social media?

In On Africa’s media monitoring and social listening research services

At In On Africa (IOA), we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of research methodologies, recognising their importance to our stakeholders and the broader industry. Our commitment to innovation is particularly evident in our media monitoring and social listening services. By employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced dashboards, we provide our clients with unparalleled data to track brand reputation, customer sentiment, and competitor activities. This dedication to refining our approaches ensures that we deliver the most relevant and actionable insights to our clients.

The dynamic nature of media, especially the rapid pace of social channels, demands an agile and sophisticated approach. Understanding the myriads of conversations happening across these platforms is crucial for any brand aiming to solidify its market presence or mitigate potential reputational risks. IOA leverages state-of-the-art technologies to delve into challenging spaces, such as private social groups and brand pages, providing a comprehensive view of consumer sentiment. Our ability to navigate these intricate environments enables us to deliver nuanced insights that help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our team of analysts is adept at utilising the latest technologies to decode consumer sentiment around various brands and their offerings. This expertise allows us to guide stakeholders in formulating future strategies while identifying potential pitfalls. By aligning our technological capabilities with the needs of our clients, we ensure that our insights are both relevant and actionable. Our technology partners play a crucial role in this process, working closely with us to meet the specific requirements of our clients and enhance the overall effectiveness of our services.

With over 15 years of experience, IOA seamlessly integrates past learnings with present innovations to prepare our clients for future challenges. Our media monitoring services cater to a diverse range of needs, from ongoing competitor intelligence to specific projects like election monitoring. Utilising advanced social listening AI, we track consumer sentiment for clients, particularly within the financial services sector, while expanding our reach to other industries. This holistic approach, combining emerging technologies with seasoned expertise, positions IOA as a leader in media monitoring and social listening.

South Africa has seen significant shifts, with technological advancements rapidly transforming the banking industry. As customers increasingly embrace online banking, the biggest players have adapted by prioritising seamless digital experiences while still catering to those who value in-person interaction. In this evolving landscape, our latest report, ‘Banking Customer Service in Transition,’ delves into the evolving customer sentiments towards online and in-branch banking experiences.

Leveraging advanced social intelligence technology, IOA analysed over 360,000 social media posts, blogs, and reviews, offering valuable insights into the industry’s performance. Discover which banks are at the forefront of delivering exceptional online and in-branch customer experiences, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the trends shaping the future of banking in South Africa.

Media monitoring and social listening case study:

Ongoing media monitoring to guide marketing strategies in the insurance industry


South African insurance company


South Africa


Traditional and digital media monitoring, coupled with customer surveys, key informant interviews and mystery shopping

IOA was contracted by a large South African insurance company to provide in-depth ongoing media monitoring and competitor intelligence to guide its marketing and product strategies, and supports its efforts to grow its market-share in the country.

Throughout the course of the contract, IOA provided the client with detailed quarterly reports that covered all of its key competitors as well as new entrants such as new insurtech companies looking to disrupt the insurance industry in South Africa.

The research assessed marketing campaigns across all digital and traditional media, as well as new partnerships and sponsorships, awards, innovations, costing and offerings. In addition to the media monitoring, IOA also conducted consumer surveys, key informant interviews and mystery shopping.

Key project outcome:

The client used the quarterly reports to directly inform its short-term and medium-term marketing and product strategies in the South African market.

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