Research and consulting in Cameroon


Research and consulting in Cameroon

Country Overview:

IOA has carried out extensive research and undertaken consulting projects on Cameroon that have yielded an in-depth understanding of the resources-rich country. Our political analysts have determined that the country’s current political system, featuring a ‘president-for-life’, will ensure that economic inequity will continue as national wealth benefits an elite, despite reforms fostered by the International Monetary Fund. Cameroonians have defied a dictatorial government with calls for democracy and human rights, particularly in the English-speaking east.

IOA’s economic researchers have learned that investors consider Cameroon’s potential enormous. The mineral resources and oil reserves in the country, coupled with fertile agricultural lands, puts Cameroon among the best-endowed primary commodity economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Key opportunities in Cameroon:

  • IOA analysts have noted that investment in non-oil industries mitigated the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and should be the way forwards for economic growth
  • The country has established trade links with major trade partners worldwide
  • To achieve energy sufficiency, government is targeting renewables, and investment is needed to achieve a 2035 goal of 25% of energy obtained from renewables

Key concerns/risks in Cameroon:

  • The country’s president for life has stagnated political growth, encouraged sectarian violence and inspired wide-spread corruption
  • Deforestation is a continuing environmental problem and has worsened the impact of climate change
  • Economic freedom is lessening, and security has deteriorated due to political violence

A sample IOA research report on Cameroon: