Research and consulting in Central African Republic


Research and consulting in Central African Republic

Country Overview:

IOA has earned its understanding of the Central African Republic by conducting a wide range of research and offering consulting services on the country. IOA researchers have acknowledged the country’s extensive mineral resources but have concluded these have done little or nothing to eradicate wide-spread poverty and have contributed to the country’s political difficulties, while competing powers (domestic and external) battle for land and political control.

IOA economists have also noted that, although the country’s economy slowed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and global recession, recovery has been hindered by the country’s cycle of violence, poor infrastructure and a lack of basic services. These prevent full and equitable exploitation of its mineral resources and hinder conversion of agriculture from subsistence farming to commercial production.

Key opportunities in Central African Republic:

  • Of the 470 minerals existing in the country, IOA analysts have identified diamonds, gold and oil as having the greatest investment potential
  • Forestry is the backbone of the current economy
  • A largely rural population requires investors to supply a modern ICT system for communication and services

Key concerns/risks in Central African Republic:

  • Africa’s poorest and least-developed country is hindered by perennial warfare
  • The importance of forestry in the economy may prove untenable as climate change discourages further deforestation
  • The lack of basic infrastructure makes communication and transportation difficult

A sample IOA research report on Central African Republic: