Research and consulting in Chad


Research and consulting in Chad

Country Overview:

IOA has developed expertise on Chad that is broad and in-depth – encompassing all aspects of the country’s economy, politics and society – by conducting research and delivering consulting services on the country. Our analysts have noted that climate change has worsened the drought conditions of the large arid country that has historically been geographically isolated by its landlocked position in the Sahel. Subsistence farming and livestock provide a livelihood for most people. However, cotton is one agriculture crop that is viable with irrigation.

In 2023, Chad has been an oil-producing country for exactly 20 years, note IOA economists, and the national economy has fallen into oil dependency. A relative lack of economic freedom mostly involving over-regulation and uncompetitive business environment has soured some investors on the country.

Key opportunities in Chad:

  • The large arid country has solar energy generation capability that has never been exploited
  • There is no shortage of international aid and goodwill available to Chad, IOA analysts have found, with the US as Chad’s largest trading partner
  • China has shown increased interest in trade with Chad in recent years

Key concerns/risks in Chad:

  • Chad is the second least-developed country in the world
  • Large open spaces, unconnected by road or rail, hinder transportation and security control within these areas
  • Political violence is the dilemma of the present, and climate change increasingly threatens the environment

A sample IOA research report on Chad: