Research and consulting in Comoros


Research and consulting in Comoros

Country Overview:

IOA has undertaken consulting projects and carried research on a wide range of economic, political and social trends occurring in recent years on the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros. One conclusion by IOA’s analysts is that, as climate change raises ocean levels, 70% of Comoros may disappear underwater, devastating the country, decimating tourism and causing millions of migratory birds to become extinct. Comoros has had no choice but to position itself at the forefront of global warming activism. One benefit of doing so is that the archipelago has drawn attention to its own beauty and natural wonders.

IOA consultants have determined that tourism is essential in this resources-poor country where one-third of children suffer physical and mental stunting due to malnutrition. Comoros may also try to duplicate the success of Mauritius, its sister Indian Ocean island nation, in creating a strong financial sector.

Key opportunities in Comoros:

  • Comoros is positioning itself as having one of the world’s most visionary blue economies
  • A significant effort has been made in recent years to build a social safety net to boost the welfare of citizens of all age groups
  • Spices continue to be major export products, and the country is the world’s only producer of certain oils necessary for perfume manufacturing

Key concerns/risks in Comoros:

  • IOA analysts have determined that intense population density strains limited natural resources
  • Household dependency on remittances from relatives abroad showed its vulnerability to external shocks during the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic slowdown
  • The country’s geographic position makes it one of the most climate change-vulnerable nations in the world

A sample IOA research report on Comoros: