Research and consulting in Democratic Republic of the Congo


Research and consulting in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Country Overview:

IOA has earned its expertise on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through years of research and consulting projects on the country. A key finding of IOA’s analysts is that this, the world’s largest Francophone country and Africa’s second-largest country geographically offers a large market for imports and a wealth of mineral products for export to investors. Its mineral richness has motivated centuries of political instability and conflict as domestic and foreign forces seek to exploit diamond and precious minerals, while the majority of Congolese remain in poverty.

IOA research has determined that, while significant progress remains, efforts in recent years have boosted education and literacy. The DRC’s rivers and forests are recognised as vital “lungs of the world”, necessary to combat manmade climate change. Higher prices for the country’s minerals have offset higher costs of imported oil and food.

Key opportunities in the DRC:

  • The Central African nation is abundant in natural resources: cobalt, copper, diamonds, gold and increasingly important strategic minerals like coltan and tungsten
  • The size of Western Europe, the country contains significant arable land for agriculture
  • Efforts are underway to expand the industrial base to diversify the economy from export of raw minerals

Key concerns/risks in the DRC:

  • Due to years of warfare and conflict, the Congolese people are less healthy and educated than world and African averages, which has led to a human capital crisis
  • IOA analysts have determined that in terms of human capital, Congolese women are significantly underutilised
  • Security is the primary goal to be achieved, and invasive militant groups must be finally suppressed for the country to obtain normal economic and social life

A sample IOA research report on the Democratic Republic of Congo: