Research and consulting in Egypt


Research and consulting in Egypt

Country Overview:

IOA has undertaken years of research into all aspects of Egypt’s economic, political and societal issues, while also providing consulting services on the country. Political stability in Africa’s most populous country has come at a price of more restricted human rights, IOA political analysts have determined. IOA economic consultants testify that agriculture, export and shipping industries have perpetuated a thriving economy. Global warming threatens the arid country, but millennia of adaption to a harsh desert environment by harnessing the Nile River and more recently the Suez Canal have taught valuable historic lessons in overcoming arid conditions.

IOA research finds that this most populous country in the Arab world will continue to offer a sizeable market for industrialists and retailers. A majority of tourists to Africa continue to make Egypt their primary destination, and Egypt constantly expands its offerings of antiquities.

Key opportunities in Egypt:

  • Egypt is strategically positioned between Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Africa, and a renovated Suez Canal remains a critical shipping passage between West and East
  • Despite the overwhelmingly desert environment, 94% of the land is inhabited, with solar energy and irrigation opening new areas for development
  • A skilled labour pool and a large and educated youth population benefit investment in business, industry and other sectors

Key concerns/risks in Egypt:

  • Government’s curtailing of human rights in its efforts to eradicate Islamic extremism has threatened the civil liberties of all Egyptians
  • One-third of Egyptians live in poverty, presenting a societal and economic challenge and a political risk
  • IOA analysts have determined that the perennial challenge of water security is worsened by global warming

A sample IOA research report on Egypt: