Research and consulting in Ethiopia


Research and consulting in Ethiopia

Country Overview:

IOA has acquired years of data-based knowledge about the powerful if troubled Horn of African country through extensive research and consulting projects on Ethiopia. One conclusion of IOA’s analysts is that the well-performing economy will be helped if the peace pact holds that ended a two-year armed rebellion in the Tigray region of the country. However, the humanitarian crisis now faced by the country extends beyond Tigray and is worsened by climate change that has especially impacted the Horn of Africa.

IOA economic researchers have noted that exports are almost all agricultural. Russia is an ally; and China wants closer ties, partly because Addis Ababa hosts the African Union headquarters and also because Ethiopia is the prominent power on the Horn of Africa. The controversial Ethiopian High Renaissance Dam has completed its first phase of construction – despite Egypt’s and Sudan’s fears of a water resource conflict – and will significantly boost electricity production.

Key opportunities in Ethiopia:

  • Ethiopia is East Africa’s largest economy and will be one of Africa’s five largest economies by 2030
  • Although poor, Ethiopia’s population, Africa’s second largest after Nigeria, represents a large market and potential labour pool
  • Dedicated expansion of transportation infrastructure has given Ethiopia sophisticated air and rail links into the region and continent

Key concerns/risks in Ethiopia:

  • Ethnic conflict continues to flare among different groups, with devastating results during the uprising in the Tigray region
  • IOA researchers have found that political rights and media freedoms have been restricted
  • The Horn of Africa has been Africa’s region that has experienced the greatest negative climate change impact

A sample IOA research report on Ethiopia: