Research and consulting in Gabon


Research and consulting in Gabon

Country Overview:

IOA has devoted considerable research capacity towards a data-driven understanding of Gabon, while also conducting consulting projects on the country. Our researchers have noted the country’s environment has not been significantly damaged by mineral excavation. Gabon is Africa’s fifth-largest oil producer and has large deposits of manganese and other minerals. Forests still cover 85% of the country. A single party has been in power for six decades, leading to lacklustre governance and a problematic business environment.

Economic diversification Is sought by policymakers to reduce dependency on world commodity prices, boost the value of local human capital and reduce income inequity. Thanks to oil, foreign direct investment is strong.

Key opportunities in Gabon:

  • Oil resources attract foreign investment and have spurred growth in the industrial sector
  • As indicated by wide-spread forest cover, much of Gabon’s environment is sufficiently unspoiled to act as a carbon sink of value to the international community
  • Large manganese deposits and strong links with France and European partners are long-term assets

Key concerns/risks in Gabon:

  • IOA researchers conclude that an entrenched ruling party has overseen a lazy bureaucracy that hinders national development
  • Poor electricity and transportation infrastructure and a poor regulatory environment are problems for doing business
  • High unemployment among young people and women presents a societal challenge

A sample IOA research report on Gabon: