Research and consulting in Gambia


Research and consulting in The Gambia

Country Overview:

IOA has provided research and consulting services into many aspects of The Gambia’s economy, politics and society to acquire wide but in-depth understanding of the country. Our consultants note that a lack of natural resources limit the country’s economic potential. The agricultural base is also limited. The business environment is undermined by over-regulation and constrained economic freedom. Social services like healthcare are underdeveloped, further retarding national growth.

Further growth of the tourism sector is a viable economic path forwards, IOA analysts conclude, with investors using the country’s tropical locale and beautiful beaches to build resorts and attractions aimed at hard currency revenue from international visitors. Groundnuts have proved a successful export, and investment in this commodity can be enhanced with value-added manufacturing from this product.

Key opportunities in The Gambia:

  • Tourism is an established sector and has high growth potential
  • Select agricultural products like groundnuts have proved successful exports and production can increase
  • Trade links have potential to grow through The Gambia’s membership with regional and continental trade blocs

Key concerns/risks in The Gambia:

  • Social services and infrastructure are poor
  • IOA consultants note that ease of doing business in the country must be improved
  • Over-fishing threatens fisheries that, if properly managed, can provide a sustainable export product while meeting domestic needs

A sample IOA research report on The Gambia: