Research and consulting in Guinea


Research and consulting in Guinea

Country Overview:

IOA has been a long-time provider of research and consulting services on all aspects of commerce and life in Guinea. Our analysts have assessed the gap between Guinean’s poverty and the country’s mineral wealth, which could potentially make the country one of Africa’s richest. This discrepence has resulted from decades of dictatorial rule that failed to bring the country into the modern age. Political uncertainty continues, hindering national development needed to upgrade poor infrastructure.

Many Guineans endure on subsistence agriculture. IOA researchers report that the leading export, as it has been for decades, is bauxite. Guinea has the world’s largest reserve of bauxite, though it also exports other minerals in lesser degrees – including diamonds, gold and iron.

Key opportunities in Guinea:

  • Guinea has immense mineral wealth that has only partly been commercially exploited
  • The country is the world’s largest bauxite exporter and holds 23% of the world’s bauxite reserves
  • Guinea’s fishing industry has room to grow, and tourism can take root

Key concerns/risks in Guinea:

  • The lack of economic freedom hinders economic growth in the country
  • Workers are underpaid, and more than 40% of Guineans live below the poverty line
  • Government corruption is worsening, according to international governance indices

A sample IOA research report on Guinea: