Research and consulting in Liberia


Research and consulting in Liberia

Country Overview:

Amassing expertise into all aspects of Liberia’s economy, politics and societal affairs, IOA has undertaken wide-spread research and consulting on the country. Our analysts have followed the country’s burdensome trade deficit, resulting from the importation of both raw materials and consumer goods into a country that has few natural resources and little manufacturing. An economy based on rubber and forestry, with mining still an underdeveloped sector, has not changed fundamentally in a century. Wide-spread poverty has resulted. The country has not advanced significantly since the end of a protracted and harsh civil war. Infrastructure is in tatters, and water and electricity are undependable in the capital, Monrovia.

Liberia survives through foreign aid and remittances sent to families from relatives working abroad. IOA consultants have noted how corruption in government hampers economic progress. With reform and a leadership rededicated to national development, natural resources can be equitably and sustainably managed to boost the economy, with forestry leading agriculture and value-added manufacturing.

Key opportunities in Liberia:

  • IOA economists have identified forestry as a field where wise investment can yield a sustainable growth industry, coupled with value-added manufacturing
  • Rubber remains the country’s main export product and economic asset
  • Significant opportunities await investors in all sectors of infrastructure building, as well as tourism that can exploit the country’s beaches and rainforests

Key concerns/risks in Liberia:

  • Government corruption defies reformists’ efforts, discouraging economic growth
  • People’s welfare is dependent on foreign aid and remittances from abroad
  • Unable to fully develop after protracted civil war, Liberia is a fragile nation prone to violence and vulnerable to new conflicts

A sample IOA research report on Liberia: