Research and consulting in Mauritania


Research and consulting in Mauritania

Country Overview:

Over recent years, IOA has conducted extensive research and consulting on Mauritania to inform data-based projections about the country. Our researchers have established that the ocean fisheries of the desert country’s coastline have additional potential for sustainable production. Mining is another export industry in a poor country whose economy is dominated by agriculture practiced on the household level, through subsistence farming or nomadic herding. The economy is small, and investors will find that economic freedom is limited.

Mineral and other natural resources have potential for greater exploitation. Currently, iron is the top export, IOA analysts have determined, and China is the country’s main trading partner. Although Mauritania is the world’s last nation to abolish slavery (only a few years ago), the practice continues, and government has a poor human rights record.

Key opportunities in Mauritania:

  • Mineral wealth is substantial and can be more fully exploited
  • Trade links with Europe and the Far East are well-established
  • Fishing remains a viable resource along the coastline

Key concerns/risks in Mauritania:

  • The country which has only recently legally abolished slavery and has a poor human rights record is having a challenging task of adapting to modern times
  • Climate change has worsened droughts since the 1970s, forcing substantial numbers of people into urban areas where poverty is high
  • IOA researchers have found that nearly all consumer goods and machinery are imported

A sample IOA research report on Mauritania: