Research and consulting in Mauritius


Research and consulting in Mauritius

Country Overview:

IOA has conducted research and consulting on Mauritius, covering diverse topics and trends. Our analysts have delved into the archipelago’s economic success that is responsible for Mauritius becoming Africa’s first high-income country. Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the country reverted to being a high middle-income country in 2021, but that is foreseen as temporary. Liberal business regulations and government policies supporting the financial and ICT sectors have contributed greatly to economic growth. Mauritius has marketed itself as a luxury vacation and holiday residence destination, as well as a financial investment hub.

IOA economists have noted the country’s diversified economy, with agriculture and fishing now augmented by new manufacturing enterprises. These act as a safety against over-reliance on financial services and tourism sectors. Good governance made possible by political stability and a leadership dedicated to multi-party democracy has overseen economic growth.

Key opportunities in Mauritius:

  • The tourism industry, fully recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic, is again booming and attracting high-end visitors to luxury resorts
  • Sugar production introduced by French plantation owners remains a viable export industry
  • The country’s robust financial sector and position as a tax haven have drawn substantial investment, particularly from the East

Key concerns/risks in Mauritius:

  • Because local manufacturing and food production are small, most goods must be imported, which is costly and has led to high inflation
  • The archipelago is vulnerable to climate change impacts like intensified storms and sea levels forecast to rise up to 59cm by 2100
  • Economic inequity has shrunk substantially but remains a societal problem until fully eradicated

A sample IOA research report on Mauritius: