Research and consulting in Morocco


Research and consulting in Morocco

Country Overview:

IOA has acquired data-based expertise into Morocco through conducting targeted research and providing consulting services on the vibrant North African country. Our researchers have found that despite a well-performing economy based on trade ties with Europe, Morocco’s financial well-being is fuelled by the export of raw commodities. However, manufacturing, particularly motor vehicles, is increasing significantly. Two historic challenges are undergoing reform: an absolute monarchy that is yielding to democratic institutions, and economic inequity that accounts for wide-spread poverty in a nation possessed of considerable resources. Rabat’s claims of ownership over Western Sahara have been a decades-old source of conflict with the Saharawi people and the international community.

IOA analysts have determined that well-established agricultural and tourism sectors will continue to attract investment. Main exports are a mix of value-added manufactured items (such as cars, fertilizer, and insulated wire) and raw commodities (such as calcium phosphate and food products).

Key opportunities in Morocco:

  • Vast solar resources have been exploited for renewable energy, and the industry is growing
  • The tourism sector is strong, taking advantage of natural wonders and a rich culture
  • An export-driven automotive industry has taken root and is proving successful

Key concerns/risks in Morocco:

  • Morocco’s actions to support its claim over Western Sahara conflicts with the UN’s determination that the Saharawi people must determine their own political future
  • The monarchy that still largely controls government has bred an elite, whose corruption is hindering national development and perpetuating economic inequity
  • Illiteracy, reflecting an unequal education system, impedes the ability of a quarter of the population to advance out of poverty

A sample IOA research report on Morocco: