Research and consulting in Mozambique


Research and consulting in Mozambique

Country Overview:

IOA has developed considerable expertise on Mozambique by conducting various research and consulting services focusing on the country. Our analysts have decades of experience tracing the country’s reconstruction after its lengthy civil war. Today’s country is largely impoverished and underdeveloped, but growing consistently stronger as citizens and businesses benefit from ever-improving infrastructure. An energy boom is developing in the north, and an entire new port with road and rail infrastructure has been built to export newly discovered inland and off-shore gas reserves. However, violent incursions from Islamic militants have disturbed security in the north. A regional effort seeks to eradicate this terrorism threat – the first in Southern Africa. Political issues from the civil war must be resolved to bring political equality.

Mozambique has a well-developed agriculture sector benefitting from fertile land. IOA analysts forecast greater investment in agriculture, as well as manufacturing and energy production. Tourism is another sector showing great promise.

Key opportunities in Mozambique:

  • Discoveries of significant gas reserves has led to production and recently the country’s first energy exports in a harbinger of future activity
  • The tourism sector has tremendous potential, taking advantage of interior game reserves, national parks and a long tropical coastline
  • Fertile agriculture land has great potential for industrialised farming and exports

Key concerns/risks in Mozambique:

  • Southern Africa’s first terrorist incursion in the north of the country is a dangerous security threat
  • Climate change has brought more frequent and deadlier cyclones, which have caused death and destruction in 2023
  • Political inequality established at the conclusion of Mozambique’s lengthy civil war needs to be resolved to ensure domestic security

A sample IOA research report on Mozambique: