Research and consulting in Namibia


Research and consulting in Namibia

Country Overview:

IOA has been a decade-long provider of research and data-based consulting services on Namibia. Our economists have noted the increasing role that transportation is having in national development from the recent expansion of the port of Walvis Bay to the upgrade of the port at Lüderitz, as well as the Walvis Bay Development Corridor that links these facilities by road to landlocked countries in Southern Africa’s interior. Goods from these countries are increasingly being exported through Namibia, boosting the local services sector. The democratic government is stable and is committed to rule of law and human rights.

The tourism and mining sectors are well-established but are small, relative to neighbouring countries. The largely arid nation is vulnerable to further warming effects due to climate change. Fishing remains a major industry and investor attraction.

Key opportunities in Namibia:

  • Investment in ports and transportation infrastructure is paying off in their usage for exporting goods from other Southern African countries
  • Fisheries will continue to support a lucrative fishing industry and value-added manufacturing
  • Namibia’s beautiful interior deserts and desert coastline support a growing tourism industry

Key concerns/risks in Namibia:

  • The local industrial base is small, necessitating high import bills for consumer goods and other needs
  • The country’s hot, arid environment is vulnerable to worsening by global warming
  • Economic inequity is a primary social dilemma

A sample IOA research report on Namibia: