Research and consulting in Senegal


Research and consulting in Senegal

Country Overview:

IOA has focused our research coupled with consulting activities into all sectors of Senegalese life. Our analysts have identified that, while the country has one of Africa’s best-developed tourism sectors, foreign aid is still required to assist national development, particularly to address poverty. The economy is diversified, and benefits from a well-developed port, competent infrastructure and trade links. The Senegalese have excelled in academic pursuits that have contributed to nation building. Politically, the country is one of West Africa’s most stablethe most stable in Africa.

A diversified economy finds agriculture, fishing and tourism balanced by construction, mining and a growing services sector. However, the state has too great a presence in the economy, constraining economic freedoms. Industry is led by artificial fertilizers, cement, chemicals, food processing, the refining of imported fuels and textiles.

Key opportunities in Senegal:

  • IOA economists foresee services and tourism as sectors with growth likely into the foreseeable future
  • Fish and groundnuts are the top food and agricultural products
  • Trade links for exports are strong and worldwide in their extent

Key concerns/risks in Senegal:

  • Human rights are under threat, particularly for sexual minorities, and have become more vulnerable under anti-terrorism laws
  • Dependant on foreign energy and with no large-scale renewable energy activity, Senegal is vulnerable to higher energy prices
  • The nation scores low on human development indices, and high on illiteracy and unemployment surveys

A sample IOA research report on Senegal: