Research and consulting in Sudan


Research and consulting in Sudan

Country Overview:

IOA has been a respected provider of research and consulting regarding Sudan and has developed detailed analyses into this Horn of Africa country whose distintigration into civil war is one of 2023’s major global crises. After the ouster of decades-long dictator Omar Bashir, the country was struggling to achieve democratic governance, and then open warfare erupted between the forces of two rival generals. A ceasefire between Sudan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in late April 2023 gave temporary respite after hundreds of deaths and nationwide chaos. The transition to civilian rule depends on Sudan’s military replacing its lust for power with a respect for rule of law.

The landlocked country is also extremely vulnerable to global-warming induced droughts. Foreign investment has flocked to the oil sector over the decades but is otherwise discouraged by Sudan’s status as having the lowest economic freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa. The industrial sector is underdeveloped, and still dominated by oil processing facilities. However, manufacturing and services and can be boosted by investment that utilises local agricultural products – such as cotton, gum arabic, and sorghum – and livestock.

Key opportunities in Sudan:

  • Agricultural products can be the basis of an industrial sector
  • The oil sector remains viable and is the mainstay of the economy
  • There are more ancient pyramids than in Egypt, and tourism sector potential is considerable

Key concerns/risks in Sudan:

  • Fighting between army rivals erupting in April 2023 has wracked Sudan with death and chaos
  • Conflict and abuses continue in the Darfur region
  • Famine is feared in parts of the country devastated by climate-change related drought and floods and destabalisation brought by conflict/li>

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