Research and consulting in Tanzania


Research and consulting in Tanzania

Country Overview:

With more than a decade of consulting and research on Tanzania, IOA has acquired insights into the East African country, rich in minerals and agricultural land. Our economists have documented the country’s growth, rebounded from the global recession with a recovery that was widespread, indicating a diversified economy. After 20 years of such continuous and sustained growth when the old command economy was discarded, Tanzania graduated in 2020 from a low- to a middle-income country, allowing levels of poverty (the country’s persistent problem) to drop from 34% in the previous decade to 26%.

Corruption in government is a perennial problem, but IOA analysts note good government policies like import substitution: the promotion of industries that produce products like machinery that must now be imported. Agriculture and mining lead the country that is the only place on earth where the eponymous gem Tanzanite is found.

Key opportunities in Tanzania:

  • A wealth of mineral deposits ensures a viable mining industry
  • Agriculture is a consistent producer of exports, and the climate allows for diverse crops
  • Pro-industry policies are expanding the manufacturing sector

Key concerns/risks in Tanzania:

  • Government corruption has weakened services delivery and poisoned society as a whole
  • Poor infrastructure and limited public transport have retarded economic growth and impeded the tourism sector
  • Wide-spread poverty is a stubborn condition and has led to crime in urban areas

A sample IOA research report on Tanzania: