Research and consulting in Tunisia


Research and consulting in Tunisia

Country Overview:

IOA has researched and conducted consulting work on most sectors of Tunisia. Our analysts have followed the fortunes of the North African country as its tourism industry recovered from a wave of terrorist attacks, and its people have demanded and achieved political reforms leading to democracy. Remnants of the former repressive government exist in Tunisia’s low economic freedom.

A well-developed industrial sector produces refined petroleum products and textiles, but consumer products and machinery require imports. The agricultural sector needs improvement to offset food imports. Income inequity fuels poverty. However, the country’s natural and cultural attractions support a robust tourism industry.

Key opportunities in Tunisia:

  • Attracting visitors from Europe and the Middle East, tourism is again the thriving star of the economy
  • The industrial base has a solid foundation and can be expanded to further meet local consumer needs
  • Always good exports, Tunisian leather goods are finding a new life via online sales

Key concerns/risks in Tunisia:

  • Because of its economic links to Europe, economic growth in Tunisia is forecast to slow in 2023
  • Human rights violations by security forces continue to hinder societal growth
  • Government is distracting its critics by mounting an anti-migrant campaign

A sample IOA research report on Tunisia: