Research and consulting in Uganda


Research and consulting in Uganda

Country Overview:

IOA has undertaken in-depth research consulting work in Uganda to amass data on all aspects of Ugandan life. Economically, IOA researchers have noted commercial and industrial activity is held captive to the dictates of a government run by an autocrat who has been in power since 1986. To distract from governance failures, government has provoked a human rights crisis by attacking LGBTQ+ peoples. This will impact investment and tourism at a time when the country relies on both for foreign exchange earnings.

Only one-fifth of the population does not earn livings through small-scale agriculture. Although natural resources abound and game parks are beloved by tourists, government corruption has ensured most Ugandans do not benefit. However, with economic activity forecast to grow significantly from now through 2025, poverty will most certainly be lessened.

Key opportunities in Uganda:

  • Small-scale farming has a potential to become export-driven commercial agriculture
  • A beautiful landscape and wildlife reserves support a lucrative tourism sector
  • Considerable mineral resources ensure a future for the mining industry

Key concerns/risks in Uganda:

  • A virtual dictatorship that runs the country is positioning itself for hereditary rule
  • Human rights abuses have accelerated with government attacks on LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Women’s lack of rights is a societal failing

A sample IOA research report on Uganda: