Research and consulting in Zimbabwe


Research and consulting in Zimbabwe

Country Overview:

IOA has conducted wide-spread research and consulting into Zimbabwe to assemble a thorough analysis of the country’s commerce, politics and society. Our researchers have real-time experience tracing the evolution of economic and political developments. A country with extensive resources and valuable human capital struggles against poor government leadership and corruption to realise its full national potential. In the face of government’s economic mismanagement, Zimbabweans find livelihoods in the world’s second-largest informal economy. For the formal sector, a lack of economic freedom is a constraint. Economic sanctions imposed against government’s human rights record are aimed at national leadership. Hyperinflation remains a debilitating problem.

With more normal rainfall in 2023, agriculture has experienced a comeback, and the country has the potential of returning to its former glory as “the breadbasket of Southern Africa”. Mineral resources, particularly gold, platinum, coal and diamonds are sufficient and significant quantities to sustain a mining industry for decades.

Key opportunities in Zimbabwe:

  • A revival of the agricultural sector can lead the economy’s turn-around
  • The tourism sector may also be revived in a country that possesses Southern Africa’s top natural attraction: Victoria Falls
  • The mining industry has a long future due to extensive mineral deposits

Key concerns/risks in Zimbabwe:

  • A one-party state seems incapable of good governance and commits human rights abuses
  • Hyper-inflation is a periodic malady and is among the world’s worst
  • Political violence is a persistent threat as the populace revolts against poor governance

A sample IOA research report on Zimbabwe: