Voices Unite

Voices Unite – Unifying the Voices of Tomorrow’s Leaders

A Megaphone for The Youth of South Africa

In response to the shift in awareness of the youth in South Africa and the need for our future leaders to become more empowered in decision-making for a better tomorrow, IOA is proud to introduce plans for the ‘Voices Unite’ initiative – a large-scale national research study focusing on university and college students in South Africa.

Voices Unite…

  • will be a ground-breaking digital research platform that will house South Africa’s largest youth-focused research study.
  • aims to unify the voices of youth in the country to inform real change and empower tomorrow’s leaders.
  • is a multi-organisational undertaking that aims to reach South Africa’s +1 million tertiary students and survey more than 30,000 to inform real change and youth empowerment.
  • will explore in detail the state of tertiary education, job readiness, youth unemployment and student views on a range of industries, such as financial services, healthcare, technology and transportation.

It is our belief that a platform to unify and amplify the voices of the country’s youth – their views, ideas and dynamism – can inform true change in South Africa. In order to make this vision a reality, though, there is a need for collaboration and buy-in from relevant private and public sector stakeholders, as well as (most importantly) from the students themselves.

Reasons to Partner with Voices Unite…

Large-scale impact on youth development
and the empowerment of youth in South African through a movement to unify their voices and engage with them on a wide range of key issues and topics.

Deep insights and valuable data
from tertiary students in South Africa, which will be provided to the Voices Unite partnership network in multiple in-depth research reports, infographics and presentations.
Contribution to the research planning,
including the addition of customised, partner-specific research questions that will be analysed and reported on separately for each applicable partner.

Collaboration with the Voices Unite partnership network,
which already includes major tertiary institutions, multinational companies and youth development organisations.

Prominent brand positioning
in Voices Unite promotional efforts on campuses, TV, radio and social media, that will aim to reach SA’s +1 million tertiary students.